Why Advertising Creatives Should Shoot for the 'It'll Never Happen' Idea

With influence marketing experiencing its first growing pains, and brands growing increasingly nervous about their "safety," it's never been so challenging for advertising creatives.  

Between having to deal with talent, developing on-brand creative (that is also enjoyable to the fan), making sure that campaigns are FTC and SAG compliant, and the obligatory rejections, there's not much room left for letting creativity run wild.

Still, you must keep trying!

"As a creative, influence marketing is an opportunity to put yourself in someone else's shoes, shoot for the 'it'll never happen' (billboard on the moon, anyone?)," says WHOSAY VP of Marketing and Creative Services Jenna Colombini.

Jenna, who admits that, when it comes to influence marketing, she's made "every mistake," wrote an essay for The Drum titled "7 questions brands ask me about influencers in every meeting."  

From how to get the most bang for your buck when working with influencers to what are the best practices for creating video on social, our very own Jenna addressed brands' most pressing concerns in an era when spending on mobile and influence marketing is projected to double in the next four years.

A big part of this growth is fueled by creatives' imaginations and their capacity to come up with and develop unique campaigns that engage fans. Even if your crazy idea about the VR tiger was rejected, you owe to yourself to "spend every day doing something different," says Jenna.

As for brands' most pressing questions about influence marketing, Jenna says setting "clear goals" and offering "specific direction" is critical. Additionally, she recommends investing in a high quality partnership that'll output assets "that are custom created (in a controlled environment) with professional storytellers (who will actually show up)."

For everything else, there's your creative.

Read Jenna’s full The Drum article including the 7 questions brands always ask about influencers here.