WHOSAY offers complete influence marketing services including campaign strategy, influencer talent vetting and management, production, distribution at scale and guaranteed performance.



1. Campaign Objectives

WHOSAY helps its clients set detailed influence marketing objectives in Awareness, Engagement, Sentiment and Action. The objectives determine the creative direction, most effective talent matches, distribution and media plans, and the campaign success metrics.


2. Audience Targeting

WHOSAY goes beyond simple demographics and paints a complete picture of a campaign's target audiences through understanding brand fans, talent fans and passion points and up to 90 different criteria. WHOSAY first party data creates audiences that produce up to 30% increase engagement vs. Facebook suggested audiences.


3. Talent

WHOSAY matches your influence campaign to professionally vetted Celebrities, Influencers and Micro Influencers, that have each been analyzed for fraudulent activity and brand safety.  WHOSAY measures potential fan reach and engagement and clearly allocates the campaign budget. WHOSAY expertly manages all talent contracting, legal, SAG and FTC compliance.


4. Content 

After developing the content strategy,  WHOSAY produces every kind of content from videos to GIFs to boomerangs and images. From short form to long form, the right content increases campaign performance and improves consumer sentiment every time.


5. Distribution

WHOSAY optimizes the distribution of the campaign content to meet your campaign objectives across social, digital, TV and OOH. WHOSAY monitors distribution performance as each audience is served and then doubles down on the best performing segments to deliver efficient reach, desired actions and positive sentiment.


6. Measurement

Measuring influence marketing performance is an art and a science. WHOSAY offers the most comprehensive campaign measurement and analytics. Beyond impressions and engagements, WHOSAY leverages proprietary and 3rd party tools to measure sentiment, brand lift and ROI. .


The innovative WHOSAY turn-key products and custom services are available for all brands and in every vertical.


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Best social influencers, premium creative, WHOSAY'S standard guarantee.


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