5 Influencers Who Found Daily Inspiration on the XFINITY Stream App

Whether relaxing between business meetings or finding inspiration for crafts, these five influencers and trailblazers find their mojo on XFINITY Stream App.

Sarah Dussault, Left Brain Craft Brain’s Anne Carey, Ian Micheal Crum, Two Trends’ Seb & Espe Gomez and Oh to Be a Muse’s Cheryl partnered with the telecommunications company for a series of sponsored social media posts (Facebook, Instagram) taken by themselves as they found entertainment and inspiration on the amazing content they can enjoy on the go; anytime, anywhere.   

“Since I do social media for a living you might think that creating Pinterest worthy projects might come easily to me, but you're totally wrong,” Dussault captioned her sponsored Instagram post. “I lack artsy creativity and rely on inspiration like watching my favorite shows on HGTV or the Food Network. From recreating a recipe that I watched on my tablet in the kitchen to relaxing on the couch after Tommy has gone to bed.”

Carey joined Sarah Fit by also sharing a XFINITY-branded post. “The girl and I got inspired to build after watching our show Tiny House Big Living on our #XFINITY Stream app,” the influencer, who often blogs about activities she shares with her daughter, wrote. “My little dollhouse architect is amazing!”

Lifestyle expert, creative and consultant, Ian Micheal Crum, was also part of the influencer marketing campaign by posting branded content on his Instagram feed. “Travel hack: when you have a few moments to spare catch up on your favorite content by streaming with the #XFINITY Stream app,” he captioned. “This service allows me to watch my favorite shows on the go no matter where I am or what I'm doing.“

Seb and Espe Gomez, who publish the fashion & lifestyle blog Two Trends (targeted for both men and women), are also fans of XFINITY Stream App. “Nothing beats staying in watching our favorite shows from our #XFINITY Stream app,” they captioned.

Last but not least, Oh to Be a Muse’s Cheryl joined the fun with her own post sponsored by XFINITY. “Traveling can be hectic, so I like to be able to relax with the @xfinity Stream app. I can always plan out my day, explore the city and never miss a show!”