Unleashing Influencers’ Creativity and Authenticity to Create Better Branded Content

It is not rocket science: when you combine better creative ideas with the right influencers and optimized social distribution, your influencer marketing campaign will perform incredibly well.

WHOSAY Senior Director Talent Management, Ty Jones, and style influencer Tiffany Ma, who’s worked with many brands including a very successful campaign with Macy’s, will discuss how to leverage influencers' creativity and authenticity to create better influencer marketing campaigns at WOMMA’s T.A.L.K. Influence, during an invitation-only event to take place on Wednesday September 13 at 8:30 a.m. PST at Lithium in San Francisco, California.   

"At WHOSAY we believe that the future for marketing is in influence marketing," says Jones. "If you think of influencer talent as a publisher and leverage them effectively in your advertising, then you have access to one of the most powerful advertising tools for delivering efficient awareness and affinity, engagement, sentiment and even action."

The remarks will follow up on Jones’ presentation at Digital Hollywood last spring when he insisted on "creating and smartly distributing high-quality content that feels organic to both the brand and to the talent's fan base [with] the goal to find that happy medium of art and science that goes into a successful branded campaign in a crowded digital marketplace."

Jones and Ma will join over 100 influencer marketing professionals and leaders at the event, which will showcase leading brand case studies, the latest trends, and new marketing technologies centered around ROI, Influencer Marketing, Customer and Employee Advocacy, Proper Measurement, Compliance, and Disclosure.

Titled, "The ROI of Influencer Creativity For A Brand," Jones and Ma’s chat will feature leading influencer marketing best practices that show how unleashing the power of influencers' creativity and authenticity leads to better performing and highly engaging influence marketing that drives results.

Tiffany Ma is the charismatic force behind the YouTube channel MissTiffanyMa. Colorful and full of positivity, her videos explore lifestyle, fashion, beauty, DIYs, and everything in-between. As a graduate from UCLA economics program, Tiffany aims to encourage and motivate young viewers to pursue education, follow their dreams and to never take themselves too seriously.

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