WHOSAY Match App Introduces New Sponsored Posts Filter

One of the most challenging things to achieve when trying to find a match for an influencer marketing campaign is authenticity. Despite the fact that influencer talent is paid to promote these types of campaigns, followers would engage only if the message comes across as genuine.

Traditionally, a simple look back at the influencer’s social media feed was a good enough indicator of her voice and style, which gave brands and marketers a sense of how good of a match this talent would be for their prospective campaigns. This process was made really easy with the introduction of WHOSAY Match, which allows brands and marketers to aggregate posts from multiple influencers and networks into one convenient feed.

But what about those prospective influencers’ prior branded campaigns? How can brands avoid casting an influencer who has worked on a similar campaign for a close competitor? What would that say about the authenticity of the said campaign? How about influencers with very large audiences and lots of high profile branded campaigns under their belts? Should one cast someone as “commercial”? Furthermore, many branded campaigns have a limited shelf life as some brands and talent contractually agree to take branded posts down after a while. What if one misses said post?

Enter WHOSAY Match’s sponsored filter, a new feature that allows users to filter by branded posts, offering an aggregated feed of the most recent and relevant influencer marketing campaigns, including those of competitors.

“When screening influencers for brand campaigns, it’s critical to look at the history of sponsored posts to better understand who they've worked with and potential conflicts,” WHOSAY SVP, Talent and co-founder Harvey Schwartz said. “It is important to keep an eye not only on the brands they’ve partnered with in the past but also on the quality of their paid content."

Based on selective tagging and other Facebook protocols, WHOSAY Match’s sponsored filter offers a convenient look at influencers’ current sponsored posts and campaigns giving marketers not only a peek at their branded voice but also providing a valuable picture of the most relevant branded content at any given moment.

Moreover, WHOSAY Match’s sponsored filter provides analytics captured and updated in real time, which allows marketers and brands to monitor the performance of these campaigns.  

“Identifying past campaigns and sponsored posts influencers have participated in is one of the critical steps in identifying a match between brands and Influencers,” said WHOSAY CTO, Michael Holtzman. “WHOSAY Match lets users easily find these sponsored posts, and view engagement and performance data on them."

As influencer marketing leaves behind its growing pains to become a scientifically based discipline in its own right, tools like WHOSAY Match’s sponsored posts filter become indispensable to create, develop and distribute effective sponsored campaigns that are going to move the needle for brands.

Head over to the WHOSAY Match website to get more information and get started with your next influencer marketing campaign.