WHOSAY Launches Match Platform To Provide Clients with Free Access to its Proprietary System that Searches Select Talent for Brand Campaigns

NEW YORK -- August 2, 2017 -- WHOSAY, the leading company in the fast-growing Influence marketing space, today launched the WHOSAY Match platform to provide agency and brand clients with a free web and mobile application that helps them connect their campaign objectives to the best talent at every level of influence.

Match has already been in use internally at WHOSAY for over two years to help successfully select talent for over 100 brands in more than 300 campaigns.

The new platform is now available via the web and a new WHOSAY Match app (iOS and Android) at no cost to agencies and brands. To request access, please visit: http://matchreport.whosay.com

"We created WHOSAY Match so we could leverage internally all the data we have gathered from working so closely with thousands of influential people, and on over 300 brand campaigns. The platform was designed by our own Talent team to help them identify the right talent for every level of influencer campaign," said Steve Ellis, CEO and Founder at WHOSAY. "With the explosive growth in demand for influencer-driven creative, we are now giving our clients free access to the platform themselves so they can easily and confidently identify the exact talent that is most likely to influence a brand's target audience or affinity group."   

WHOSAY's proprietary platform, combined with its unrivaled access to top talent across all aspects of influence, powers marketing campaigns for brands across every vertical, utilizing every level of influencer talent, and delivers measurably superior results to other forms of mobile and social advertising. The new Match platform capabilities will help marketers discover the specific talent whose fans already show an affinity for certain brands.

Using the WHOSAY Match app marketers can:

  • Browse through a hand-selected pool of thousands of talent from every level of influence — Icons, Trailblazers, Influencers and Micro-Influencers

  • Create and share custom lists of influencers with the highest fan affinity for a brand.

  • Create a custom social feed that shows all the social posts from specific influencers, across multiple social networks and their level of engagement.

  • Browse continuously updated, hand-curated talent lists such as "Health Conscious Celebrity Moms" or "Teen Beauty Influencers."

  • Directly instant message the WHOSAY Team to address any and all campaign requests.

WHOSAY's experience matching talent in over 300 major campaigns for Fortune 100 brands, has shown that at every level of talent there are only a subset that are professionally suitable for use in creative brand campaigns.

Hence the MATCH report only filters through vetted talent that includes the best of:

  • Icons — tier one celebrities.

  • Trailblazers — ascending influencers approaching household recognition status.

  • Influencers — top social influencers on platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

  • Micro-Influencers — smaller but more genre-focussed influencers