CrossFit Pros Trying New Fitness Equipment Will Give You All the Motivation You Need on #TransformationTuesday

Happy #TransformationTuesday!

It's that time of the week again and, if you were wondering how to stay in shape after the summer as the holidays approach, or are setting early fitness goals for summer 2018, look no further.

Professional CrossFitters Scott Panchik, Jamie Hagiya, Emily Bridgers, and Garret Fisher teamed up with Dick's Sporting Goods to try their ETHOS line of commercial-quality fitness equipment and share content that brings attention to their expertise, love of training and mentorship of their many online followers.  

Panchik, Hagiya, Bridgers and Fisher took to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to share content of themselves testing ETHOS' Super Band, Weighted Vest, Bumper Plates, Utility Bench, Slamm Ball, Weights, Speed Rope and Kettlebell while encouraging their fans to incorporate the new equipment into their workout routines.

"A lot of athletes struggle developing the front rack position. Here is one of my go-to banded exercises before presses, front squats, and cleans," wrote five-time individual CrossFit Games veteran Scott Panchick on Instagram.

"The Ethos Weighted Vest has been a great addition to building volume and capacity," he wrote in another post where he wore the vest while walking his dog Kila.   

Meanwhile, Southern California CrossFitter Jamie Hagiya tried the ETHOS Bumper Plates and Utility Bench. "The barbell is a hybrid bar perfect for Olympic and Power Lifting with great grip and spin. And I'm loving the plates and collars," she wrote.

In a second post, Hagiya gushed about the Utility Bench "where you can switch up the angle and hit all kinds of accessory work."

Four-time CrossFit Games veteran Emily Bridgers tried the ETHOS Slam Ball (“it's extremely versatile and can be used with a wide variety of functional movements”) as well as the ETHOS Weights (“Loving my new ETHOS barbell and plates as I continue to attack my weaknesses”).

Garret Fisher, who tried the Speed Rope and the Kettlebell, praised the equipment versatility as “one of a kind” and encouraged his followers to have this “staple” in their training bags.