12 Influencers on All Things Fall to Match Your Brand on Pumpkin Spice Season

Apple-picking, pumpkin-carving, sweater weather...there’s so much to look forward to during the fall, especially for brands as customers flock to the social feeds of influencers such as the following 12 social media stars looking for ideas and inspiration for their fall-related activities. Compiled by our Talent Team using the WHOSAY Match platform, the following talent influencers scored the highest brand affinity for all things autumn.

1. Teala Dunn:

Influencer and lifestyle YouTuber Teala Dunn is known for her role in the TBS sitcom Are We There Yet? as Lindsey Kingston-Persons. She has 6.3 million fans across Instagram (2.4M), Facebook (66K) and Twitter (1.9M) and YouTube (1.9M) ages 18-24 (38%), 25-34 (31%) and 35-44 (13%). Eighty-four percent of Teala fans are female.

2. Mia stammer:

Influencer and beauty YouTuber Mia Stammer has 6.4 million fans on Instagram (1.8M), Facebook (2K), Twitter (1.3M) and YouTube (3.4M) ages 18-24 (47%) and 25-34 (23%) with 88% female.

3. Atlantic-Pacific:

Influencer and YouTuber Blair Eadie launched her fashion career at Gap Inc. as a merchandiser in 2007. She quickly realized how the street style was shaping how brands developed products and the influence it had on customers. So, in 2010,  she created Atlantic-Pacific to add perspective to the growing conversation. She has 1.4 million fans on Instagram (1.1M), Facebook (222K), Twitter (55K) and YouTube (847). Her fans are ages 25-34 (48%) and 35-44 (19%). Ninety-six percent are female.

4. Hello Fashion Blog:

Influencer and fashion blogger Christine Andrew founded Hello Fashion in December 2011 as a way to showcase current trends in fresh, inspiring ways. She has 1.1 million fans across Instagram (981K), Facebook (70K), Twitter (5K) and YouTube (5K) ages 25-34 (62%) and 35-44 (15%) with 97% female.

5. Sam Elkins Photography:

Influencer and photographer Sam Elkins has 789 thousand fans on Instagram (765K), Facebook (4K) and Twitter (21K) ages 25-34 (28%), 35-44 (26%) and 45-54 (20%).
Fifty-six percent are female.

6. Daniel Ernst:

Daniel is a 27-year-old self-taught freelance photographer and influencer from Frankfurt, Germany. His work as a photo-creator and storyteller takes him to many remote places around the world, always reflecting his passions. Inspired by nature, his work mainly focuses on the outdoors, adventure and lifestyle. To offer a documentation of his travels on a daily basis, he started using the social media platform Instagram a year ago. “With my photography and stories I want to inspire people, causing a desire, a motivation to leave the rush behind, escape routine, go outdoors, explore and experience nature,” he says. Ernst has 548 thousand fans on Instagram (546K) and 3K on Facebook.

7. Tiffany Nguyen:

Tiffany Nguyen is an LA-based photographer, influencer and traveler with 320 thousand fans on Instagram (317K) and Facebook (3K).

8. Missholldoll:

Holly Johnson is a Washington state native and nature lover. She loves to hike and backpack and take photos, which has become her passion of over the years and ignited a desire to feel connected to the earth. She has 306 thousand fans, 305K on Instagram, 138 on Facebook and 489 on Twitter. Johnson’s fans are ages 25-34 (26%), 35-44 (28%) and 45-54 (21%). Fifty-four percent are female.

9. Matthew Hahnel Photography:

Influencer and photographer Matthew Hahnel has 270 thousand fans, 269K on Instagram and 2K on Facebook. They’re ages 25-34 (28%), 35-44 (26%) and 45-54 (20%). Fifty-six percent are female.

10. Tayler Golden:

Tayler Golden created WildBird out of a need for a functional, easy to use baby carrier that still carried a sense of style that parents would love to wear. Since day one, Tayler’s vision has always been to create beautiful, high quality baby carriers, while providing a carrier that was monetarily accessible to all parents. She has 197 thousand fans on Instagram and 137 on Facebook ages 25-34 (28%), 35-44 (26%) and 45-54 (10%). Ninety-six percent of them are female.

11. Porter the Golden Retriever:

This petfluencer has 140K fans on Instagram and 1K on Facebook.

12. Colette Me Take Your Photo:

HOT LISTSBy Alex Marin