WHOSAY Hires Jason Bowers as Executive Producer

Los Angeles – September 14, 2017 – WHOSAY, the brand-trusted influence marketing company, today announced the hire of Jason Bowers as its Executive Producer. Bowers is an accomplished and passionate producer who strives to illustrate only the most compelling and entertaining quality in all of his work.  

"We've convinced our favorite producer in the biz to join our team of content ninjas, as the quarterback of WHOSAY's Production team in LA," VP, Marketing & Creative Services, Jenna Sereni, wrote in a company-wide email.

Previously a producer at Duck Pond Films, Bowers produced WHOSAY campaigns such as "An Interview with Patrick Hoelck," co-produced by WHOSAY and Norman Reedus, as well as outstanding influencer and shopper campaigns for Aflac, Volvo and Buick. Bowers brought these campaigns to life in a way that was calm, collected, premium and organized, landing him a full-time position at WHOSAY.

"My love for the entertainment industry comes from a narrative and storytelling passion," said Bowers. "I'm excited about working for WHOSAY because they bring this type of sensibility to the world of advertising and branded content and that's a powerful combination."

According to Sereni, "WHOSAY is entering a next chapter, taking in-house production to the next level, under Jason's direction." She added, "Jason will be a resource for all on budgets, locations, directors and more"—which will facilitate more organized and effective offerings to clients, with the added value of choosing their directors and getting more creative bang for their buck. "As Jason brings talented directors, producers, DPs, editors and writers to the table for WHOSAY, we will alleviate some of the workload and stress on our amazing campaign team, while elevating creative to the next level," added Sereni.

Founded in 2010, WHOSAY is the largest and most trusted influence marketer in the world powering marketing campaigns for brands across all verticals, utilizing every level of celebrity and influencer, and delivering measurably superior results to other mobile and social advertising. WHOSAY is built from the best of entertainment, technology and advertising with more than 300 campaigns for 100 major brands.

Talented Los Angeles native, Jason Bowers, became a producer in order to inspire others through the art of storytelling. Create, Inspire, and Entertain, is his personal motto.  He attended The Art Institute of California - Los Angeles where he studied digital filmmaking and video production, graduating with a Bachelor of Science.  Since then, Jason has produced music videos for ARIA-winning Australian artists, Angus and Julia Stone, three independent feature films, including Blackmail, starring Taryn Manning, a 12-episode web series for WB’s new digital platform, Stage 13, called Independent, as well as various diverse content and commercials. Jason lives in West Hollywood with his wonderful Australian husband, and their two dogs, Bagel and Scarlet.