How to Get Ready for Prom 2.0, Influencer Style

Kirsten Collins and George Janko are throwing it back.

The influencers partnered with a favorite candy manufacturer to produce sponsored content around going back to prom during VidCon 2018.   

Although for Kirsten, it was actually the first time the influencer attended prom as she explained in her branded video. “There is nothing like memories that will last a lifetime! Amazing moments with amazing people you couldn’t get better than that,” she captioned the piece of content.

She also posted a photo carousel both on Facebook and Instagram showing how she got ready before attending the festival’s prom.  

Not to be outdone, creator George Janko produced some fun sponsored content of his own with the help of the brand.

In George’s content, the influencer is seen “getting cleaned up” for the event while taking a bath and getting dressed.

Similarly, George’s video shows him still excited after hosting the VidCon prom. “It was incredibly fun, and now it’s time to end tonight with a quick challenge,” he captioned the video that also shows him and a friend competing for who gets to eat a chocolate bar the fastest.