Influencer Tiffany Ma: It’s Easier to Fall in Love with a Brand When There’s a Relationship

Tiffany Ma wants brands to know they should have a relationship with the influencers they're working with.

"It's easier to fall in love with a brand when you know that brand, when there's a relationship," Ma told WHOSAY Senior Director Talent Management Ty Jones at WOMMA’s T.A.L.K. Influence conference in San Francisco, California.

Ma, who worked with WHOSAY on Macy’s Celebrate Summer campaign, shared her insights on how influencers' creativity and authenticity can help create better branded content. "Give your influence creative control," insisted the influencer who said working with Macy's was easy since it’s a brand she's been familiar with since she was a little girl.

But letting go of creative control can be challenging for brands. That's why the support of a partner like WHOSAY becomes critical when creating, distributing and measuring these types of branded campaigns.

"When we're looking to cast talent we think about how professional are they," said Jones, who explained WHOSAY has "an art and science approach" based not only on proprietary data and tools perfected over the last few years of developing influencer marketing campaigns but also on what he calls "the human touch" that allows the company find the right talent match for a campaign.

Aside from using WHOSAY Match to find the right talent match for brands, part of WHOSAY's success creating and developing influencer marketing campaigns has to do with the type of ongoing relationships the company has with brands, agencies and that sought-after 10% top professional and reliable influencer talent.   

"I genuinely love working with you guys," Ma said candidly while recalling the times she's successfully partnered with the influence marketers beyond shooting and posting video or photo assets. "I get the business side of brands, that’s why it’s easy for me to be brand-friendly," said Ma, adding that she puts 10X the effort when producing branded content because "I want that video to be better than my regular videos."  

Finally, echoing WHOSAY CEO Steve Ellismantra that “good content is king [whether] you decide to call it a “story,” “video” or “ad” (or whether your content is “organic” or “sponsored”), Ma candidly revealed that she sees as a success when their viewers don’t realize at first that certain video is branded content. “Not that I’m trying to hide it,” she added.