Influencer Tiffany Ma Reveals What She Looks for When Working with Brands

Tiffany Ma, the lifestyle and fashion influencer behind the wildly popular (1.5 million subscribers, and counting!) YouTube channel MissTiffanyMa, knows a thing or two about social media, particularly about how to engage her followers as well as how to work with brands online. That’s why, prior to WOMMA's #TALKInfuence conference, we sent her the following four questions to know her take on platforms, content and all things social. Here are her responses.  

WHOSAY: What's your favorite social platform for building your brand and why?
Tiffany Ma: YouTube will always be my favorite platform—it’s how I’ve built my brand. It is an authentic place where I challenge myself and it’s the platform where viewers have really gotten to know and understand who I am.

WS: How do you use your social networks to stay in touch with and engage your fans?

TM: It just depends on how I am connecting with my audience at that moment. My YouTube channel is for concepts where I can really express myself with bigger ideas that I believe in. The Instagram feed is for bite sized content… It’s more about being pretty, artistic and easily digestible. Twitter is quick and punchy- a conversation or when I have a funny or ironic thought.

WS: What do you look for when deciding to work with a brand?
TM: I ask myself: Do I like this brand? Would my viewers use this product? Will this be content that is authentic to my channel? Sometimes the requirements of a sponsorship may be restrictive or deviate from my natural style--if a brand is unwilling to collaborate with me creatively and only wants to script what I do, then I don’t move forward.

WS: Who are some of the people you follow online?
TM: Peers in the space have become some of my closest friends, so I follow: MissRemiAshten, Mia Stammer and other creators I admire like Casey Neistat and Liza Koshy. Of course, I also follow trendy channels like Buzzfeed and Popsugar. I also appreciate comedy accounts like @overheardinLA and @Joannethescammer too

Tiffany Ma is the charismatic force behind the YouTube channel MissTiffanyMa. Colorful and full of positivity, her videos explore lifestyle, fashion, beauty, DIYs, and everything in-between. As a graduate from UCLA economics program, Tiffany aims to encourage and motivate young viewers to pursue education, follow their dreams and to never take themselves too seriously.