Heartwarming Mom-fluencer Content That Engages Audiences


When the content is creative and authentic the audience will engage with you.

Such is the case with creators Sai De Silva and Shannon Willardson, who treated their fans with an intimate glimpse of their lives as mothers to toddlers, specifically the uber-important entertainment and education parts—for which they partnered with an educational entertainment and electronics company and a global supplier of electronic learning products respectively.  

“When London was first born, she was in love with [...] educational toys,” De Silva captioned her video. “Now with Rio, even years later, we're still chatting & counting on cell phones, having faux picnics and learning 100 words in different languages. Who else is in the same boat?”

Meanwhile, Willardson wrote, “Jack's very first 'Sit to Stand Learning Walker' toy was made by [this brand], and I've been a fan ever since.” She added that “this brand is on creating toys that are fun, but also facilitate the child's development and learning.”

What more can a mama ask for, indeed?