Here’s How Tamron Hall Engages Fans and Brands on Social Media

Tamron Hall was an influencer before influencer was a thing.

The award-winning journalist talked to WHOSAY about the ways she connects to and engages with her followers and brands on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

“I try to reach out at least every other day,” Tamron said. “It's important for me to stay in regular contact with my fans because I don't want them to believe I just see social media as a platform for my career.”

The former MSNBC and Today Show anchor will join WHOSAY CMO Paul Kontonis at Social Media Week Chicago 2017 on Thursday, November 16 to lead the chat “Do I Have Your Attention? Fan Engagement Strategies with Tamron Hall.” Tamron, a bona fide influencer in her own right, will discuss the ways great content (organic and/or sponsored) can make a fan willing to invest in her brand with their attention and engagement.

“Tamron believes that great content can make a fan willing to invest in a brand with their time and attention, and we agree,” says Kontonis. “Our goal is to have an informative and entertaining conversation for the Social Media Week Chicago audience.”

Tamron, who readies to debut her new daytime talk show, shared with us some of her own social media consumption habits. “I follow a mix of people from news, entertainment to oddities. It's a rainbow and it varies from Twitter which is more of a news source for me to IG, where I tend to seek more of what's new, now, next.”

When it comes to working with brands, Tamron looks at loyalty. “I ask myself if this a partnership I would want for a lifetime. I've always been brand loyal,” she said. “I want consumers to feel that way about brands I'm associated with. I want them to feel I've invested [...] If they invest in the "Tamron" brand/lifestyle they will invest in all of my projects from journalism to entertainment.”

“As a makeup-obsessed teenager, to the woman who is constantly taking screen grabs of articles mentioning the hot new products for beauty and my home, I am a brand's dream consumer,” Tamron said, adding that she loves sharing products that she feels lived up to their expectations.

Lastly, she revealed how she feels about the so-called fake news. “I personally don't feel ‘fake news’ is a major factor for me,” she said. “Twitter is my reliable news source and there I follow credible journalists and news outlets. Instagram has not mastered how to promote news yet. For example, if you post a crime story it's hard for people to ‘like’ an image of a crime victim. I tend to promote Deadline Crime with images of me in the field. That gives the follower something to ‘like’ while promoting the show.”