RuPaul and Lili Reinhart Team Up with Spotify to Get Their #2018Wrapped


RuPaul and Lili Reinhart are wrapping their 2018 with music.

The creators partnered with Spotify to share their favorite artists of the year, and encouraged fans also to use the app to share theirs.  

“My Top Played Track of the year was “I Don’t Care.” But really, I CARE SO MUCH!,” RuPaul captioned his Instagram photo.

He also shared a relatable video with friend Raven. “My Top Artists were The Weeknd, Brandy, Moby, Chet Baker, and Camila Cabello,” he wrote. “Now I want to know what made it onto Raven’s Wrapped.”

Lili Reinhart also partnered with Spotify, bringing her bestie Austyn Vovos, to reveal ger #2018Wrapped. “I found out that the first thing I listened to this year was a French song that I don’t even know how to pronounce,” she captioned the Instagram video.

They also posed for a fun shot, which Reinhart captioned, “Thank you for reminding me how much of a pop music girl I really am and allowing me to share my impeccable dance moves with the world.”