These Creators Engage Young, Multicultural Audiences in Style


Creativity and authenticity are at display in Prince Royce and Javy Baez’s recent collaboration with a favorite clothing-retail company.

The singer-songwriter and MLB player, respectively, picked and donned neat outfits from the brand and participated in stylish photoshoots, which behind-the-scenes videos were also part of the campaign.

“Yoooo! Rockin’ the new fall collection. How do I look?” Royce captioned a photo carousel that ran both on Facebook and Instagram. He also posted a behind-the-scenes video, with the comment: “Their fall collection is flyyy!”

Meanwhile, Baez, who also posted a fashionable carousel on Facebook and Instagram, captioned both in English and Spanish. “Feeling fresh in my new Fall looks / Activo con mi nuevo flow de otoño,” he wrote. He also posted a behind-the scenes video with the bilingual caption: “On set in the new fall collection / Aqui la nueva colección para este otoño.”