WHOSAY Co-Founder: 'Creators Like Logan Paul Don't Make It Into Our Database'

The backlash following YouTuber Logan Paul's tasteless video reminds one of prior influencer blunders such as PewDiePie's anti-semitic antics and the botched Fyre Festival. Even after the disgraced influencer’s apology, the incident is yet another reminder to marketers that unvetted creators are and will continue to be potential threats to a brand.

"We are not surprised by this incident," Harvey Schwartz, President of Talent, WHOSAY told Ad Age. "The WHOSAY Match platform only includes talent that have been screened for professionalism and high-level brand safety. Creators like Logan Paul don’t make it into our database because of their history of polarizing content. There is no reason for brands to take risks like that when there are other great vetted, creative influencers."

WHOSAY, which believes the top tier of influencers are professional, reliable creators, launched the influencer platform WHOSAY Match back in August to provide agency and brand clients with a free web and mobile application that helps them match their campaign objectives to the best talent at every level of influence.

"We created WHOSAY Match so we could leverage internally all the data we have gathered from working so closely with thousands of influential people, and on over 400 brand campaigns," said Steve Ellis, CEO and Founder at WHOSAY. "With the explosive growth in demand for influencer-driven creative, we are now giving our clients free access to the platform themselves so they can easily and confidently identify the exact talent that is most likely to influence a brand's target audience or affinity group."   

But, in light on influence marketing’s growing pains, such as fake influence and the advent of toxic figures like Paul, what separates WHOSAY Match is its ability to pair brands with creators that are not only a perfect match in terms of their following’s affinity with them but also to guarantee brand safety throughout the whole process.  

Founded in 2010, WHOSAY has consistently worked to foster trusted relationships with talent, which has been critical regarding the issues of brand safety, talent vetting and authenticity that are the cornerstone of influence marketing. “At WHOSAY we started with A-List celebs and then expanded to only the best and most brand safe influencers,” said Rob Gregory, WHOSAY President of Marketing & Sales. "We're proud to have had zero takedowns after almost 400 campaigns."

With the WHOSAY Match platform, the world’s most trustable influence marketing firm empowers marketers and brands to make the right decisions when it comes to casting and hiring influencer creators that align with their objectives and won’t distract from the brand’s story.