These Influencers’ Posts Are a Textbook Case of Authenticity


It’s hard not to relate to Khadeen Ellis and Iman Alphacat.

The creators shared with their followers an authentic look into their lives, specifically; what they both have in common with the rest of us.

“I wanna know...Who doesn’t sneak fries out of the bag? Don’t worry I’ll wait,” Iman captioned his post. “Been swiping fries out of the bag from my friends since I was a kid and I ain’t stopping anytime soon.”

Meanwhile, Khadeen Ellis reminded us of the things that matter, especially during the hectic holiday season.

“So let me tell y’all ...Life has been super hectic,” she captioned. “But amidst the chaos, it is so necessary for my sanity to find time to spend with my family and friends. Even if it’s over a cup of coffee during a lunch break.”

Both creators encouraged their followers also to share their McDonald’s story.