Jimmy Chin Embraces the Unknowns of the Rocky Mountains with Volvo

What does Jimmy Chin do when he’s not climbing Mount Everest from the summit?

The mountaineering and photographer-filmmaker shared a sponsored video on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter where he’s seen cruising around the mountain roads of Jackson, WY, in a Volvo V90 Cross Country.

“For me, the attraction of diving into a big project or expedition is all of the unknowns,” says Jimmy on the clip. “Nothing really gets me more focused or feel more present.”

The producer of the 2015 documentary Meru also shared a stunning photo of the landscape he’s most excited and passionate about exploring.

The best part? The influencer offered some words of encouragement to his fans.

“You’re gonna be filled with doubt throughout your life. But you have to believe in yourself and believe what your gut instinct tells you. And follow through with what you’re passionate about,” he said.