Jana Kramer Teams Up with Burt’s Bees to Reveal Her Natural Spring Look


Jana Kramer is all stocked up.

The creator partnered with Burt’s Bees to create an Instagram video that shows her after a trip to Walmart.

“Hey, guys, what’s up? It’s Jenna, and I just got back from Walmart and had stocked up on my Burt’s Bees beauty products,” she says in the video. “And I wanna show you guys my go-to look.”

She then proceeds to show the products she’ll be using to rock her spring look. “I chose the blush, liquid foundation, liquid lipstick, and nourishing mascara,” she captioned the post, encouraging her fans to look for the products at Walmart (either online or at the brick-and-mortar store).

Jana finished the video by highlighting that her favorite products are 100% natural and “perfect for any skin tone.”

Who else is glad that Spring is finally here?