WHOSAY Hot Talent List: 16 Influencers to Follow on #InternationalBeerDay

From pubs to breweries to backyards, #InternationalBeerDay is taking over the world on Saturday, August 4.

It's a time for beer lovers (and their admirers) to gather and raise a toast to the brewers and bartenders that make possible we enjoy what Founding Father Benjamin Franklin himself once described as, "proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."

But who are the influencers who'll be observing the occasion just as enthusiastically as you? Just like they did with #NationalLipstickDay and the Best Dressed Influencer Men, WHOSAY's outstanding Talent Team used the Match platform to put compile a list of the 16 "brewnfluencers" who'd best match with brands of everyone's favorite libation. 

1. Dan Bilzerian:

My beard more iced out than a rappers watch

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Dubbed "The King of Instagram," this professional poker player and socialite boasts 36.7 million fans across Instagram (22.7M), Facebook (12.5M) and Twitter (1.4M). His followers are ages 18-34 (84%) and 90% of them are male. 

2. The Fat Jew

The American pop culture commentator, writer, actor, model and entrepreneur has 11.4 million fans who follow him on Instagram (10.1M), Facebook (997K) and Twitter (274K). They're ages 18-24 (15%), 25-34 (33%) and 35-44 (33%). Fifty-eight percent of The Fat Jew's followers are female. 

3. Joe Rogan

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Actor and writer Joe Rogan, known for Fear Factor (2001), DMT: The Spirit Molecule (2010) and Joe Rogan: Rocky Mountain High (2014), has 9.1 million fans, 2.4 million of whom are on Instagram, 1.8 million on Facebook, 3.5 million on Twitter and 1.4 million on YouTube. Seventy-three perfect of Joe's fans are ages 25-44. Eighty-one percent are male. 

4. Brody Jenner


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Brody Jenner is a producer known for The Princes of Malibu (2005), The Hills (2006) and MTV Video Music Awards 2008 (2008). His 5.9 million fans connect with him on Instagram (3.3M), Facebook (231K) and Twitter (2.4M). Eighty-eight percent of Brody's fans are ages 18-44 and 88% are female.

5.  Mike Rowe:

Mike Rowe is an actor, host and narrator known for his work on the Discovery Channel series Dirty Jobs and the CNN series Somebody's Gotta Do It. He boasts 5.6 million fans across Instagram (434K), Facebook (4.9M) and Twitter (335K). Sixty-six percent of Mike's fans are ages 35-54 and 53% are female. 

6. Men With Class

Tag someone you think would look good in this outfit 😎👌🏽 #menwithclass

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MenWith is an inspirational lifestyle directory that started in 2012 as a social media pastime and has developed into an expansive style articulated ecosystem, which is now followed by 4.3 million fans on Instagram (4.1M) and Facebook (237K). Fifty percent of MenWith followers are ages 18-24 (and the other 50% are ages 55+). Gender wise, they split evenly. 

7.  Wil Wheaton

This morning's bedhead is making a true disaster.

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Wil Wheaton first gained international attention by starring in the Rob Reiner comedy-drama film Stand by Me (1986). He then played Wesley Crusher on the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987) for three and one-quarter seasons. On social media, the actor is followed by 3.8 million fans who connect with him on Instagram (510K), Facebook (107K) and Twitter (3.2M). Twenty-five percent of his fans are ages 25-34, 40% ages 35-44 and 22% ages 45-54). Fifty-one percent of Wil's fans are female. 

8. Hanna Hart 


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American internet personality, comedian, author and actress Hanna Hart is best known for starring in My Drunk Kitchen, a weekly series on YouTube in which she cooks something while intoxicated. She has 5.4 million fans—1.4M on Instagram, 403K on Facebook, 1.1M on Twitter and 2.5M on YouTube. Sixty-eight percent are ages 18-44 and 76% are female. 

9. SomethingNavy:


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Something Navy is a fashion blog authored by Arielle Charnas. She has 1.1 million fans on Instagram, 25 thousand on Facebook and 10 thousand on YouTube. Sixty-four percent of her fans are ages 25-34 and 86% are female. 

10. Beer Advocate 

Your go-to website for #beer, publishers of BeerAdvocate magazine and hosts of world-class beer events, Beer Advocate is followed by 817 thousand fans, 106 thousand of them on Instagram, 158K on Twitter and 158K on Facebook. Sixty-three percent are ages 25-44 and 77% are male. 

11. Kate Bosworth


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The American actress and model made her film debut in The Horse Whisperer (1998) and appeared in Remember the Titans (2000), before landing a lead role as a teenage surfer in the box-office hit Blue Crush (2002). Kate has 737 thousand fans between Instagram (460K), Facebook (158K) and Twitter (119K). Fifty-seven percent are ages 18-34 and 51% are male. 

12. Dan Katz - Barstool Big Cat 

The Influencer, and Barstool Sports podcaster, flaunts 182K Instagram followers, 10K Facebook likers and 365K Twitter followers.  

13. Mac Lethal:

Mac Lethal is a rap artist, beer and comedy enthusiast, as well as a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner. He has 1.1 million fans, 38K on Instagram, 332K on Facebook and 752K on YouTube. Seventy-four percent are ages 25-44 and 70% are male. 

14. Zane Lamprey:

Earth Day! Yay! Hops! Yay! They make beer! Yay! Where did my legs go?! Noo!!!

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Zane Lamprey is a comedian, actor, editor, producer, and writer for television and movies best known for hosting Three Sheets, which ran on MOJO HD from 2006 through 2008. After Three Sheets, Lamprey sought out to create Drinking Made Easy, a similar drinking and traveling show focused on American bars and drinks. He's followed by 368K fans, 127K on Twitter, 173K on Facebook and 67K on Instagram. His followers are 46% 35-44 and 62% are male. 

15. Good Beer Hunting: 

Good Beer Hunting is "a critical, creative, and curious voice in the world of beer" that writes about and partners with breweries of all shapes and sizes "in order to create a better future for the craft." Instagram followers: 51K, Facebook: 16K and Twitter 22K. Ages: 22-44 (89%). Gender: 63: male. 

16. BeerStreetJournal:

Beer Street Journal has one of the largest online collections of original content dedicated to covering beer culture, education, and the advancement of the beer industry. They're followed by 72 thousand fans, 45% of which are ages 35-44. Eighty-one percent are male. 

This list has been curated by the WHOSAY talent team to help identify influencers for marketing campaigns. This list is available to WHOSAY Match users. For more information please visit matchreport.whosay.com.