WHOSAY Hot Talent List: 17 Style Influences to Follow on #NationalLipstickDay

Happy #NationalLipstickDay, WHOSAYers! To celebrate, we’re bringing a new custom WHOSAY Hot Talent List (check out the first one here): Top 17 beauty and style influencers. From Camila Figueiredo Coelho  to Gigi Gorgeous to Tiffany Ma, this list was vetted for professionalism, creativity and brand safety by the expert WHOSAY talent team. Check out their breakdown of followers by social network, age and gender.

1. Camila Figueiredo Coelho:

Friday mood 💗 #ootd Clima de sexta!

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Camila boasts 9.5 million fans (6.4M on Instagram, 2.9M on Facebook and 283K on Twitter). Eighty-seven percent of the Brazilian fashion/beauty influencer and blogger’s followers are between ages 18-34—and 93% of them are female.

2. MannyMua:

The YouTuber, makeup artist, and trailblazer has 6.9 million fans across platforms; 3.9M on Instagram, 1.7M on YouTube, 761K on Twitter and 583K on Facebook. Fifty-two percent are between ages 18-34, and 93% of them are female.  

3. Gigi Gorgeous:

everything is blue🦋

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The Canadian influencer, trailblazer and star of the YouTube Red documentary This Is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous has 2.4M followers on Instagram, 2.2M on Facebook, 2.4M on YouTube and 309K on Twitter—between the ages 18-34 (65%). Fifty-eight percent of them are female.

4. PatrickStarrr:

The influencer, YouTuber and makeup artist has 5.7 million (3.4M on Instagram, 1.5M on YouTube, 434K on Twitter and 367K on Facebook). Sixty-percent of PatrickStarrr’s fans are ages 18-34 and 86% are female.

5. Brooklyn and Bailey:

The YouTubers and influencers have 2.5 million fans on Instagram, 397 thousand Facebook likers, 243 thousand Twitter followers and 3 million YouTube subscribers! Sixty-four percent of Brooklyn and Bailey’s fans are ages 18-24, while 20% are ages 25-34. Ninety-six percent are female.   

6. Amanda Steele:

The American video blogger, model, and actress, who started her YouTube channel, MakeupByMandy24 in 2010, boasts 2.7M followers on Instagram, 2.9M subscribers on YouTube and 847K followers on Twitter for a total of 5.7M fans...and counting. Seventy-four percent of Amanda’s fans are ages 18-34 and 81% are female.

7. James Charles:

As the first male spokesmodel for CoverGirl, James has amassed an astonishing 3.2 million fans across Instagram (2.4M), YouTube (532K), Twitter (252K) and 92K (Facebook). 

8. Mia Stammer:

come on an adventure with me ✈️

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Japanese-American YouTube fashion and beauty blogger and influencer Mia Stammer has 6 million followers across Instagram (1.7M), YouTube (3.4M), 976K (Twitter) and 2K (Facebook). Sixty-percent on Mia’s followers are ages 18-34 and 88% are female.  

9. Aspyn Ovard:

This 20-year-old Utah-based fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger and influencer has 3 million YouTube subscribers, 2 million Instagram fans, 678 thousand Twitter followers and 4 thousand Facebook likers—with 67% of them between ages 18-34. Seventy-six percent are female.  

10. Gal Meets Glam:

San Francisco-based style and beauty blogger Julia Engel, a.k.a. Gal Meets Glam, covers everything from fashion and beauty to home and travel. Julia flaunts 1.7 million fans across her social platforms, with 1.2 million of them on Instagram alone. (481K follow her on Facebook and 43K on Twitter.) Gal Meets Glam’s fans are between the ages of 18 and 34 (67%) and female (95%).  

11. Garance Dore:

The French photographer, illustrator and author, best known for her fashion blog, is followed by a total of 1.5 million people on social media...and counting! They hail from Instagram (729K), Facebook (215K) and Twitter (534K). Garance’s fans are between 18-34 years old (60%) and 86% are female.

12. Amy Pham:

if i told you i wasn't actually doing the splits in this photo would you still think highly of me

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Having hosted red carpets for the Critics Choice Awards and Billboard Music Awards, and worked with Adam Sandler in Sandy Wexler, Amy Phan is a bonafide influencer with 1.9 million fans across Instagram (500K), Facebook (947K), YouTube (409K) and Twitter (21K). Seventy-two percent of her followers are ages 18-34 and 58% are female.

13. Helen Owen:

Brb, having a #moetmoment 🎪🍾 @moetusa

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Beauty, fashion and travel blogger and influencer Helen Owen engages 1.4 million fans across Instagram (1.3M), Facebook (50K) and Twitter (27K). Eighty-three percent of Helen’s followers are ages 18-34 and 67% are female.  

14. Ellarie:

YouTuber and fashion influencer Ellaire has 1.6 million fans (1.2M on Instagram, 306K on YouTube, 67K on Facebook and 7K on Twitter). Sixty-six percent of them are ages 18-44 and 76% are male.

15. Marianna Hewitt:

Ninety-two percent of Marianna’s 1 million social media fans are ages 18-44 and 71% are female. They engage with the fashion and beauty influencer on Instagram (753K), YouTube (224K), Twitter (38K) and Facebook (29K).

16. Tiffany Ma:

Beauty influencer Tiffany Ma has 1.7 million fans (1.1M on YouTube, 411K on Instagram, 114K on Twitter and 6K on Facebook). Seventy percent of them are ages 18-34 and 88% are female.

17. Heygorjess:

Had a delicious dinner at L'Avenue with @brittanysky here in Paris 🇫🇷🍽 #Paris #France #gorjesstravels

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Lifestyle influencer Heygorjess, known for blogging about beauty, fashion and natural hair, boasts 113K fans on Instagram, 12K on YouTube, 4K on Facebook and 2K on Twitter. Fifty percent of them are ages 18-24. 

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