WHOSAY Goes Beyond Impressions and Engagements to Tackle Ever-Changing Industry

As the influence marketing industry continues to undergo exciting yet challenging changes every day, industry professionals are meeting at the 2017 ANA Digital & Social Media Conference, in San Diego, California on July 12th through the 14th.

Senior marketers from Southwest Airlines, Diageo, Marriott International, Coca-Cola, and MillerCoors among others will stay on top of the most current industry trends, including influence and content marketing, augmented and virtual reality, digital analytics and more.  

"WHOSAY sits in a unique position in the marketplace—the intersection of talent, data, content, and distribution," said Dan Gyves, WHOSAY Sales Director. "I'm particularly excited to discuss measurement as our clients begin to look beyond impressions and engagements with an eye toward attribution and ROI."

With mobile spending possibly doubling to $7 billion by 2020, marketers will dedicate a big part of the conference to discuss issues such as transparency in mobile measurement as well as publishers’ obstacles when it comes to delivering campaign results.

"Our industry is the midst of an exciting period of exponential change. The technology basically alters the way we do business on an almost daily basis, which is fun and challenging, said WHOSAY Director of Sales, Andy Sternfeld."

Sternfeld added that he's looking forward to two important opportunities at ANA Digital: 1) To find a venue for WHOSAY to educate its marketing partners, whose needs are constantly evolving, and 2) a chance to bring home learnings from leaders in the space, on the vendor and marketer side.

With an industry facing challenges such as metric miscalculations and missing data, expect marketers to focus on regaining control of their media supply chain. For brands and their agencies, it's all about better managing their spend while also driving campaigns' effectiveness—something they can count on WHOSAY for to continue to innovate, grow and be a best in a class partner.

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