WHOSAY’s Match App Is Saving Influencer Marketing One Successful Campaign at a Time

Influencer catfish, not FTC-compliant content, influencer fraud, no brand control over distribution and generally poorly designed and executed campaigns are just some of the horror stories produced by the explosive growth of influence marketing.

Luckily, WHOSAY, the brand-trusted influence marketer, has just launched the WHOSAY Match, an app and platform that empowers marketers and brands by harnessing the power of data to find the perfect talent match for their campaigns.

“We created WHOSAY Match so we could leverage internally all the data we have gathered from working so closely with thousands of influential people, and on over 300 brand campaigns," WHOSAY CEO Steve Ellis told MartechSeries.

Designed in-house, WHOSAY Match gives its clients free access to an abundance of proprietary data collected by the WHOSAY team during two years of working with every level of influence talent in successful campaigns for Fortune 100 brands. “[This] has shown that at every level of talent there is only a subset that is professionally suitable for use in creative brand campaigns,” Ellis said.

Enter what he calls “one of the beauties of the WHOSAY Match platform.” Namely, the capacity to pair brands with the ideal influencer no matter the platform. “Maybe the micro influencer that is perfect for a campaign on Instagram doesn’t have a good presence on Twitter,” Ellis explained. “Match can deliver a multi pronged, platform specific approach, no matter where your audience is. These assets can be then leveraged on owned-and-operated sites, out-of-home, in-store, and in email marketing campaigns.”

As a brand or a marketer, you can download and use WHOSAY Match to:

• Browse through a pool of professionally vetted influencer talent from every level of influence Icons, Trailblazers, Influencers and Micro-Influencers

• Create and share custom lists of influencers with the highest fan affinity for a brand

• Create a custom social feed that shows all the social posts from specific influencers, across multiple social networks and their level of engagement

• Browse continuously updated, curated talent lists such as “Health Conscious Celebrity Moms” or “Teen Beauty Influencers”

• Directly message the WHOSAY Team to address any and all campaign requests.

For more information on WHOSAY Match, visit http://matchreport.whosay.com