DeAngelo Williams Bonding With His Daughter Over Root Beer Floats Is the Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

Nothing is as heartwarming as a dad spending some quality time with his daughter, especially if said dad is NFL pro DeAngelo Williams, who shared an A&W-sponsored video on Facebook of him and his daughter Rhiya bonding together over grocery shopping.

"So, this is the deal; if she gets past me, she gets to pick the afternoon treat," Williams says at the beginning of the video, right before Rhiya wins the challenge and asks dad to go to Walmart for some "ice cream and root beer!"

The video is a candid display of fatherhood, with the sports influencer roaming through Walmart aisles taking selfies with his daughter while picking up the ingredients for their upcoming “root beer float” challenge. “The best thing about being a dad is that you get to be a 34-year-old kid and have an excuse for it.”

Cuteness overload.