5 Key Ingredients of Any Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign

Given the explosive growth of influencer marketing, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, especially when trying to deliver results to your brand.

That's why WHOSAY launched its free B2B Match App and platform to help marketers pair brands with the right influencer for successful campaigns that deliver measurable results.

In addition, we identified five key metrics every marketer should keep an eye on while developing and executing influencer marketing campaigns: Brand affinity, KPIs, levels of influence, transparency and control of the message.

The aforementioned components were addressed in TV REV's article “Influence Is Best Served with a Talent and Brand Match” as follows:

1. Brand Affinity:

At WHOSAY, we use data combined with intelligence to discover which influencers’ followers have an affinity for specific brands. That’s why we developed an affinity score among other key metrics that help to select the right talent.

2. KPIs:

Contrary to popular belief, influencer marketing can be measured as media. That’s why metrics such as CPMs, CPVs and CPCs, cost per engagement, sentiment, number of installs or sales could be used to measure content from campaigns. The best part? These allow for real time optimization, which can lead to a higher ROI.

3. Levels of Influence:

At WHOSAY, we categorize influencer talent into four categories that allow marketers to maximize campaigns’ reach and engagement: celebrities (i.e. Sofia Vergara), influencers (i.e. Baddie Winkle), trail blazers (i.e. Stephen Curry) and micro-influencers (i.e. Theo the French Bulldog).  

4. Transparency:

We are talent-agostic at WHOSAY, which means we won’t push brands on specific talent based on some hidden agenda or creator network. As brand-focused marketers, our job is to match brands with the right professionally vetted influencer via our intelligent system, WHOSAY Match. Our experienced team vets all potential influencers for professionalism, creativity, brand safety and fraud.

5. Control the Message:

Just as we believe brands should let go off some creative control while developing influencer marketing campaigns, we also believe the influencer should let go off some posting control to guarantee brand safety throughout the life of the campaign.

Download WHOSAY Match to find your perfect influence partner and start seeing unparalleled results in your influencer marketing campaigns.