How Data Takes the Influencer Marketing Game to a Whole New Level

Let’s face it; the impressive growth of influencer marketing has also led to some growing pains. Namely, unprofessionally executed influencer marketing campaigns.

Enter WHOSAY’s Match app and platform.

Launched last week to help marketers and brands find professionally and expertly vetted influencer talent, the proprietary technology has been in internal use during the last couple of years to successfully develop and execute influencer marketing campaigns where the influencer’s audience perfectly aligns with that of the brand.

WHOSAY CMO Paul Kontonis addressed the brand affinity topic in an article for PRWeek titled, “5 questions to ask yourself before investing in influencer marketing,” where he argued that brands must "use data combined with intelligence to discover which influencers' followers have a pre-existing disposition towards your product." 

I reached out to Kontonis, who kindly agreed to elaborate on this crucial point.

"Data and intelligence are at the heart of a successful influence marketing campaign strategy," he explained. The idea is to start by using data to "go beyond simple demographics and to paint a complete picture of your target audience." 

The goal is for brand and marketers to "understand and identify the fans of the brand and their passion points," including which influencers they like and how they relate to the brand and its competitors.

"[With] these overlapping data points you can start to evaluate the quantitative attributes of the prospective icon, trailblazer, influencer and micro-influencer talent," Kotonis explained adding that intelligent data helps to measure potential and critical stats such as fan-reach and brand affinity.  

"Campaign experience will guide you to how to best allocate your budget and to select talent with the highest levels of professionalism, creativity and brand safety," Kontonis concluded.

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