Getting to Know You: Ali Ciatti

Welcome to Getting to Know You, Holiday Edition.

Resilience, curiosity, bravery, service, care, and teamwork are just some of the characteristics that define every member of our WHOSAY team.

Previously, you’ve had the chance to meet ten WHOSAYers who embody these qualities; Katina Kontarakis, West Coast Account Director, Mike Swart, Head of Shopping Marketing, Lisa Bryant, Marketing Manager, Sam Jones, Master Storyteller, Kay Blair, Digital Media Buyer, Joel Ponce, Account Director, Caitlin Curry, Account Manager, Josh Venkataraman, Campaign Activation Coordinator, Jenna Sereni, VP Marketing & Creative Services and Nate Anderson, Creative Lead.

Founded in 2010, WHOSAY is built from the best of entertainment, technology, and advertising. The people that power WHOSAY are an incredible blend of advertising, technology and media professionals that foster a wonderful spirit of creativity, innovation, and commitment. Today you will get to know another one of our team’s members; Ali Ciatti, Manager, Activation & Branded Content, who also happens to be a talented artist who designed this year’s holiday postcard.

WHOSAY: What is the first thing you do as soon as you arrive in the office?

Ali Ciatti: The first thing I do when I get in the office is make coffee. Then I catch up on the latest office gossip with Bari. Spoiler alert, there is never any hot office gossip! Everyone gets along!

WS: What's the most challenging part of your job?

AC: The most challenging part of my job is stopping myself from petting the dogs all day long. It helps that Nash runs away from me every time I try to pet or play with him.

WS: What's the part you enjoy the most?

AC: I love working in production. Something always strays away from the well thought out plan and you have to think quick on your feet to maneuver correctly. I get a thrill in the panicked moment where you don't know if everything is going to work out better than you ever expected, or just fall apart and you start again from zero. It's a really rewarding feeling to have a successful campaign because more than likely it wasn't always a smooth process.

WS: What is your role at WHOSAY?

AC: I am one of the Campaign Activation Managers so I handle the logistics of a campaign from start to finish. Being on the activation team is great. Do you have that one friend that knows the answer to everything and is basically the smartest person you've ever met? Well, that is essentially everyone on the activation...actually that is everyone at WHOSAY!  

WS: What was your job before coming to WHOSAY?

AC: Right before coming to WHOSAY I worked as a photo studio manager and producer. Anyone in the market for a great studio in the Manhattan area, definitely check out Drift Studio. It was a great experience to be on a set every day. Now I know a lot of technical set info, so if you ever need to know the wattage of an obscure photo light or how to rig up a seamless set in approximately three minutes, I'm probably your gal. Plus I got to meet Bill Nye once.

WS: What's your secret life/productive hack?

AC: Always have a good go-to creative playlist. I have a few playlists set up for different types of work that I need to get done that helps spark my creativity. Generally, I am listening to some sort of 90s Pop if you see my headphones in. AND I'M NOT ASHAMED.

WS: What don't most people know about you?

AC: I have both an Art and Advertising degree. I jumped back and forth in school with my love for art and the analytical—so, in the end, I decided to just get a degree in each and see where I ended up. Get you a girl that can do both, right?

Although it isn't my current career path, I always continued to create art on the side. In the past few years, I taught myself hand-lettering. It’s just a hobby, but it helps me de-stress after a long day. I recently got to help Brittany McKinnon with hand-lettering/drawing the WHOSAY Holiday Card design! It’s always a nice surprise when I get to do some art at work, even if it is not my job. I mostly just post photos of my art on Instagram (@aliciatti) along with photos of my cat. TBH it's mostly photos of my cat...

WS: What is the best advice you have ever received?

AC: I had the best Advertising professor in college. Something I've kept with me through my career is the advice he gave me right before I graduated, "It is not your job to make the client happy, it is your job to make the client successful." When starting out in advertising it is easy to get hung up on making everyone happy, but at the end of the day, it is the success of the campaign that you should focus on. Even if you are the client’s favorite person, if you don't get good results, you don't get the account.

GETTING TO KNOW YOU is a series of interviews with the WHOSAY team.  

#wearewhosayBy Alex Marin