Darren Criss Gets a Text While Driving — Guess What Happens Next

Multitasking is not always good.

That’s the message influencer Darren Criss sent his fans in a recent sponsored Instagram video.  

The Glee star partnered with AT&T for its “It Can Wait” campaign aimed to raise awareness against distracted driving.

“Multitasking is cool and all but not while you’re driving. Remember that no matter what... #itcanwait,” Criss captioned the sponsored video where he plays himself as well as his naughty alter ego.

“You’re gonna check your or what?” naughty Darren tells his nice counterpart right after his phone gets a text message notification. “No way man,” responds good boy Criss determined to keep his “It Can Wait” pledge despite naughty Darren’s insistence that he can indeed “multitask.”

Watch the video below.