Creators Share Authentic & Engaging Posts Around Thanksgiving’s Movie Premiere Event


If you’re anything like Greg Davis Jr. and Devale Ellis you spent Thanksgiving with your the movie theater.

The creators opened their homes to give fans a glimpse into their authentic and relatable selves while celebrating Thanksgiving with their families, which included a CREED weekend.

Davis and Ellis’ families tuned in to BET to watch CREED in preparation of the premiere of CREED II on Thanksgiving Day.

“What are you doing for Thanksgiving? I’ll tell you want I’m MOST excited for,” Davis, also known by handle Klarity, tweeted.

He also posted a video on Facebook, which shows how pumped he was for the premiere of CREED II. “Pave your own path. Fight for your destiny,” he captioned.

Meanwhile, David shared a heartwarming video of his family getting ready to watch CREED on BET. “Nothing like spending time watching the fight of the century,” he captioned, adding that he’d take his son Jax to watch CREED II on Thanksgiving Day.