What Creative Content That Drives Business Results Looks Like


Marketers often share insights about what works in their projects, partaking in industry panels and writing white papers about the latest best practices to engage increasingly fragmented and elusive audiences.

But, sometimes, showing is better than telling. And every here and there, a piece of content goes live that is a textbook case for using influencer’s creativity to cut through the advertising clutter and engage consumers with content that makes a meaningful emotional connection.

Such is the case of creator Chris Paul, a.k.a. CP3, who, joined by his son, CP3II, partnered with a favorite American retailer to create a video featuring actions figures from a wildly popular animated cable television program.

Distributed via CP3’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter channels, the video shows Paul’s joining his son, who’s playing with the action figures in the kitchen table, after which they both agree to play some hoops. Watch the spot below: