Chord Overstreet’s Idea of a Perfect Summer Day Includes His Tunes and McDonald’s New Signature Sandwich

Chord Overstreet knows that summer is better spent on the things you love.

The Glee alum posted a couple of sponsored photos on Facebook, giving fans a glimpse into his favorite way to spend the season’s most sizzling days.

"Once you try McDonald’s new Signature Sriracha Sandwich you'll understand why I can't let that last drop go to waste!" he captioned a photo of him jamming with his guitar, feel in the pool, next to McDonald’s new Signature Sandwich.   

On a second post, Chord, who released his first single “Homeland” in August 2016, looks ready to take a break to enjoy his meal.  

"Feet in the pool, playing my music with a McDonald's new Signature Sriracha Sandwich," he captioned the photo of him taking a bite out of McDonald's deliciously looking summer sandwich. “Perfect. Summer. Day,” he added.

Perfect, indeed!