Ayesha Curry Teams Up with Spotify to Curate the Soundtrack to Her Life


Ayesha Curry wants to you what’s the soundtrack to your life.

The creator teamed up with Spotify to produce and distribute an intimate Instagram video that shows her jamming to her favorite tracks while working around her house. 

“Music helps elevate my everyday moments,” Curry tells fans in the video while letting the ingredients inspire the music when she’s cooking a meal, or focusing on getting some work done to more uptempo choices.

She then explains that the kind of energy that she wants to create in the room “determines the playlist.” 

“It gets me empowered, and it gets me going, and it makes me feeling like I can take on everything,” the actress and celebrity cook told fans.

In the caption, Curry admitted the soundtrack to her life is “all over the place.” Luckily, she can count on a partner that has music for all of the life moments. 

And so do you.