The One Thing These Creators (and Their Fans) Can't Live Without


Whether working on a script, getting ready to go out or just hanging out with friends, music is a super important part for Stephanie Beatriz, Anna Konkle, and Maya Erskine, who teamed up with Spotify Premium to give their fans a very relatable look into their daily musings with favorite tunes.  

“The best way for me to use my imagination while working on a script is to get the VIBES RIGHT,” Beatriz captioned a photo she posted on Facebook.

The self-confessed ‘90s throwback songs-lover added that Spotify Premium lets her “make epic playlists of songs that get me inspired/support my storytelling.”

She also posted a video on Instagram, which she captioned, “can’t imagine a life without music.”

Meanwhile, Konkle shared a cute and funny video of her and girlfriend Erskine, discussing their routines when they prepare to go out. “To be clear, when I’m getting ready to go out I don’t automatically get naked,” she captioned.

She also posted an awesome Twitter pic where both of them are seeing practicing their moves. “I really do enjoy [music]. But my face and body betray me,” she captioned.

Erskine also did some posting of her own in partnership with Spotify Premium, both on Twitter and Instagram. “Does this ever happen to you,” she captioned a video of her and Konkle discussing songs that they become obsessed about.

She also tweeted a photo of them both practicing their dance moves with the caption, “just a normal afternoon.”

We can relate.