Time to Embrace the Global Influencer


By: Harvey Schwartz

Harvey Schwartz is EVP, Talent & Co-Founder at WHOSAY

Harvey Schwartz is EVP, Talent & Co-Founder at WHOSAY

It is now time to embrace the global influencer. 

I know we have plenty of great creators in the U.S., but in the world of influence, we should take down the walls.

Why consider hiring creators outside the U.S. if their audience isn’t here? Because that’s not actually true.

Take the emerging young star Coco Pink Princess, from Harajuku in Tokyo, Japan. Her social demographics data show her audience’s top language is English (71%), and top country is U.S. (35%). Her next top country is the U.K. (8%), while Japan is only 3% of her total audience. 

So, if you cast her for a local campaign in Japan, you would only be able to reach organically about 3% of her 685,000 Instagram followers in that market.

Now, we know that paid targeting makes any campaign effective wherever you are located, it’s what drives the actual results.

But you now have proof that Coco Pink Princess has a significant fan base in the U.S. And, when you further analyze her feed, the engagement rate is an incredible 12%, which is 10x greater than the benchmark for her follower count.

If you’re comparing her to U.S.-based creators, you’ll have a hard time beating this combination of style and engagement. While casting global creators could be challenging logistically—contract drafting, communications, payments—the good news is that there are multiple ways to make this process seamlessly. As the influencer market matures globally, hiring standards are being adopted for brand partnerships in all the major markets—and everyone is open for business.

Coco is only one example. As we recently researched the European gaming community for a summer campaign, we found that the U.S. organic audience is powerful (over 50%) across many of the top global players as gaming is universally adopted. This means the U.S. audience is actively seeking out creators wherever they live and supports an expanding market that is more globally inclusive than you would suspect.

So, let’s welcome the global community of premium creators, and allow opportunities to cross borders, which both expand our choices and deliver real results.

Harvey Schwartz is EVP, Talent & Co-Founder at WHOSAY. He oversees the talent relationship division of the company and is part of the WHOSAY Match leadership team. WHOSAY is a Viacom company.

WHOSAY powers influence marketing campaigns for brands across all verticals and utilizes every level of celebrity and influencer to deliver measurably superior results compared to other social and mobile advertising solutions.

Schwartz built the WHOSAY talent platform from the ground up, first on-boarding 5,000+ celebrities and influencers, including Ronaldo, Shakira, Rihanna, Tom Hanks, Matthew McConaughey and Reese Witherspoon, to the WHOSAY talent app, a multi-publisher for all social content.

He then helped design and implement the proprietary WHOSAY Match platform, which crossed audience of brands and influencers with unique social data sets to match the right talent-influencer to a brand’s campaign objectives.

Prior to co-founding WHOSAY, Schwartz was responsible of the North American representation for Peter Gabriel and Real World Records, overseeing Digital and traditional marketing campaigns for product releases and tours in the US and Canada.

He was also VP, Business Development, at Voquette, a Citibank and Yahoo backed startup focusing on live streaming. Prior to Voquette, Schwartz established the Capricorn/Universal A&R Department helping develop multi-platinum artists.

Schwartz holds a Bachelor of Arts in Radio and Television from Indiana University in Bloomington.