Genevieve Padalecki & Nature’s Recipe Create Authentic, Heartwarming Content


Pet owners who work out with their furry friends know firsthand the joys of training with good company for a cherished dream.

Ask Genevieve Padalecki, a creator, avid runner, and mom to Arlo—the cutest and most-dedicated dog runner out there.

Genevieve partnered with Nature’s Recipe to document her joint workout routine with Arlo, who’s apparently the only one who gets sad when marathon training is over.

“Honestly, I couldn’t have done it without this four-legged workout buddy,” Genevieve captioned her Instagram video. “Whenever I felt unmotivated to run, I’d bring Arlo along, and his infectious, happy-go-lucky attitude would help me push through the miles.”

She and the brand also co-produced a photo-carousel of her (and Arlo’s) training routine. “We all know the best part of long runs is treating yourself afterward,” Genevieve wrote. “Arlo’s favorite post-run reward: @naturesrecipe True Treats!”

We wish our dog weren’t such a couch potato, though! 😂