Arielle Vandenberg & M&M’s Create an Unboxing Video Like No Other


Creator Arielle Vandenberg teamed up with M&M’s to create a couple of pieces of content aimed at introducing fans to the new M&M’s chocolate bars.

Vandenberg and M&M’s produced a video and a photo. Both colorful and dynamic pieces of content feature the creator. In the video, Vandenberg unboxes the new product, which she then brings with her to the red carpet. “This isn’t your TYPICAL unboxing video because the new M&M’S Chocolate Bar isn’t your TYPICAL chocolate bar,” she captioned it.

For the photo post, Vandenberg is seen all dressed up, matching colors with her “date” and posing on the red carpet.  “Once you taste the latest delicious creation from @mmschocolate, you’ll be feeling red carpet-ready too,” she wrote.