The BEAT and HERE Host Event at Viacom to Celebrate Women’s Empowerment for Black History Month


At Viacom, we believe that Black History Month and Women’s History Month should be all year round.

The sentiment was echoed by co-president of the Women’s March, Tamika Mallory, who kindly stopped by 1515 Broadway in New York City for a joint event hosted by The BEAT and HERE, and moderated by MTV TRL’s host Jamila Mustafa.  

Jamila & Tamika inspired us all at Viacom

Jamila & Tamika inspired us all at Viacom

The inspirational women discussed women's empowerment within the workplace, as well as the strides Mallory has taken with the Women's March. “My strength and love for black people as well as for the women who inspire me are what define me,” she said.

And speaking of inspirational women, Mallory gave her girlfriends in attendance a sweet shoutout, while also sharing one of the most important lessons of her experience leading the Women’s March. “Don’t be afraid to break barriers,” she said.


Mallory then shared another valuable lesson. “Fast success is painful,” she told the audience while advising young people to “take their time” and learn how to “respect people’s journeys” as they navigate their own.  

When asked by an attendant, during the Q&A portion of the session, about sources of information, Mallory said that, in the fake news era, we can’t trust social media as blindly—neither as sources of information not as tools for organizing. “Social media does not substitute boots on the ground,” she concluded, encouraging attendants to use both online and offline platforms to pursue their goals and passions.