Lexus Partners with Creators to Show What Is Like to Grow Up with Famous Parents


It is not easy to have famous parents.

Ask Ming Lee and Diggy Simmons, who just teamed up with Lexus to tell their story, in anticipation to BET’s program Boomerang—which tells the story of the kids of Eddie Murphy and Halle Berry’s characters from the original movie of the same name.

“My parents did a wonderful job at building their innovative careers,” Ming Lee captioned her Instagram video. “Now I'm using their motivation and drive to create my own story!”

Meanwhile, Diggy emphasized his family’s support in becoming the creative person he is today. “My family unit helped shape my character as a person,” he wrote on his post. “Since I was a child, they’ve supported my passions as a creative. And for that, I am forever thankful.”

Boomerang premiered February 12 on BET.