Creators Team Up with the Wall Street Journal to Share Their News Consumption Routines


What do Barbara Corcoran, Bill Rancic, Nathan Latka, and Julie Morgenstern have in common aside from being wildly successful? They love to be informed by The Wall Street Journal.

That’s why these businesswomen and men partnered with the prestigious daily to produce a series of videos in which they share with fans in an unfiltered manner their news consumption routines.   

“I built my real estate empire with the help of The Wall Street Journal. I turned breaking news into marketing hooks, and that’s what built my brand,” Corcoran captioned an Instagram video that shows her in action as she goes through her day getting informed and slaying.

Meanwhile, Rancic posted a video in which he shared invaluable advice from his father. “In my career, it’s so important to keep up with what’s happening. The WSJ  is always my go-to source for my day's fast-paced decisions,” he captioned.

Man on the go Nathan Latka joined in the fun with an appropriate video from the airport where he highlights the importance of being in the know. “I'm getting WAY ahead in business by getting information before anyone else,” he wrote.

Last but not least, Julie Morgenstern shared a Facebook video where she tells her followers about the importance of productivity. “Productivity starts with setting goals for yourself and jumping after opportunities. The best way to do this is to surround yourself with reliable news sources, arm yourself with knowledge, and #DontWait for opportunities to come to you, go after them,” she captioned.