Using Mindfulness Training to Improve Focus, Productivity, and Creativity at Work


ReThink, Viacom Ad Solutions’ forum for discussion with industry thought leaders to inspire, illuminate, and create, kicked off 2019 by partnering with meditation app Headspace.  


“We are thrilled to bring the endless and proven benefits of Headspace to Viacom as part of an ongoing pilot,” said Viacom Vice President of Human Resources, Lisa Sipress, who introduced an insightful meditation workshop with Headspace Engagement Manager Tom Freeman, which included a life-changing 5-minute guided group meditation session.  

“Headspace is about demystifying meditation,” said Freeman, explaining that while there is nothing wrong with sitting on the fields, burning incense, and try to levitate, “that’s not the Headspace approach.” Instead, he suggests using the app to improve performance at work, just as prominent users Sheryl Sandberg, Arianna Huffington, Jeff Weiner—and even athletes from the NBA LA Lakers and Olympic Team GB—do.    

He went on to explain the science behind mindfulness training, compiled by separate studies conducted individually by Headspace as well as in partnership with Northwestern University, NYU, Stanford, and USC. Among the findings:  Three weeks of mindfulness training with Headspace increased compassion by 23%, and reduced aggression by 57% and irritability by 27%.   

As far as improving performance in the workplace, Headspace promises to help deliver “ROI through mindfulness” and “align employee and executive goals through wellness.” “Jogging was once considered weird,” Freeman said, explaining that we’ve come a long way from those days, learning about and reaping the benefits of this practice. “Meditation is like exercise for the mind.” 

What are you waiting for? Go to Headspace for Viacom and register today!