Creators Team Up with Alka Seltzer Plus to Show Fans How They Deal with the Cold


Cold season proves that creators are like us.

Ask Lolo Jones and Sterling Shepard, who after trying various DIY remedies, tackled their colds once and for all with the help of Alka Seltzer Plus.

Fortunately for their fans, all the action was captured in unfiltered, authentic, and relatable content created in partnership with the brand.

The creators made and shared a photo and a video each, with Shepard posting a picture of himself slicing lemon wedges to make himself one of those “wild cold remedies,” as he explains in the caption.

He also shared a video documenting the whole ordeal—including when mom drops by his place with the solution. “It doesn’t hurt that Mama approves of it too,” he captioned the video.

Meanwhile, Jones’ photo shows the “after” of her successful treatment with Alka Seltzer Plus. “With my training schedule, I can’t afford to let a cold take me out of commission,” she captioned the shot.

Her video offers an unfiltered window into the whole process, with Jones unsuccessfully trying DIY remedies, such as ginger shots, before trying Alka Seltzer Plus.