Storytelling and Strategic Distribution Across Platforms on Focus at #AWNewYork


By: Mike Gasbara

Influence marketing has become one of the most authentic ways to engage with consumers, but it takes a unique, strategic approach for each individual platform on a case-by-case basis. Consumers are conditioned to expect different types of content on different platforms, and understanding this is essential in executing successful campaigns.

Jenna Sereni, VP Marketing & Creative Services at WHOSAY, will be tackling this topic and more at Advertising Week New York with Zohaib Ali, Head of Ad Products Twitch on Wednesday, October 3.  


“Advertising Week will be more interesting this year than ever, as influence marketing has become mainstream– I’m dying to see how our peers are breaking through the clutter and differentiating their offering outside storytelling and strategic distribution,” said Sereni.

In addition to cross-platform strategy and storytelling, Jenna and Zohaib will also dive into the future of influencer marketing and address the fraud conversation, which was put on center stage earlier this year by Keith Weed, CMO at Unilever. With fake followers running rampant throughout the industry, brands and agencies are looking for a way to combat the problem. Sereni will discuss why it’s important to remember that influence marketing is a form of paid media, and how incorporating a paid budget into a campaign will render fake followers ineffective.

The panel will also touch on the different types of talent (icon, trailblazer, micro-influencer, etc...), and how to leverage each group most effectively. For example, a recent WHOSAY study showed that on Instagram, influencers with 1M-2M had the best engagement rates, beating out the next closest tier by nearly 10%.

For more information on the panel and other Advertising Week happenings, go here.