Top 13 Vetted Creators with Influential Podcasts

Influential creators have been using podcasting as a convenient tool to engage their audiences since approximately the mid-2000s, and the recent Renaissance experienced by the format about five years ago has made the offering of on-demand audio and video content almost overwhelming.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a list with the top, professionally-vetted, influencers in podcasting? Well, there is; our newest WHOSAY Hot Talent List with the top 13 creators who periodically go beyond their Instagram pages and engage their audience through the magic of sound. Behold:

1. Shane Dawson, YOUTUBER, ACTOR:

I cloned myself! 🐷⚡️🐷

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Engagement: 10 (Most Responsive)
Total audience: 33.3M
Instagram: 7.1M
Facebook: 3.7M
Twitter: 6.4M
YouTube: 16.0M


Mood. 😳 #mybodyisntfullyawakeuntil11

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Engagement: 5 (Responsive)
Total Audience: 17.7M
Instagram: 12K
Facebook: 11.2M
Twitter: 6.5M

3. Grace Helbig, YOUTUBER:

Engagement: 7 (Very Responsive)
Total audience: 6.2M
Instagram: 1.7M
Facebook: 115K
Twitter: 1.4M
YouTube: 3.0M

4. Hannah Hart, YOUTUBER:

subtle succulents

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Engagement: 7 (Very Responsive)
Total audience: 5.3M
Instagram: 1.3M
Facebook: 396K
Twitter: 1.1M
YouTube: 2.5M

5. Ben Shapiro, COMMENTATOR:

Engagement: 5 (Responsive)
Total audience: 4.7M
Instagram: 658K
Facebook: 4.1M

6. Chris D'Elia, COMEDIAN:

He stays beefy, folks. ☀️

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Engagement: 9 (Most Responsive)
Total audience: 2.0M
Instagram: 1.1M
Facebook: 289K
Twitter: 669K

7. Chelsea Peretti, COMEDIAN:

it looks like im doing my set in italian @thecomedystore

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Engagement: 10 (Most Responsive)
Total audience: 1.8M
Instagram: 743K
Facebook: 68K
Twitter: 988K
YouTube: 8K

8. The Skinny Confidential by Lauryn Evarts, LIFESTYLE BLOGGER:

Engagement: 5 (Responsive)
Total audience: 1.0M
Instagram: 732K
Facebook: 282K
Twitter: 26K

9. Tom Segura, COMEDIAN:

Engagement: 9 (Most Responsive)
Total audience: 785K
Instagram: 450K
Facebook: 123K
Twitter: 211K

10. Dan Savage, AUTHOR:

Engagement: 6 (Responsive)
Total Audience: 742K
Instagram: 91K
Facebook: 311K
Twitter: 339K

11. Rhonda Patrick, DOCTOR, HEALTH EXPERT:

Another high-intensity interval session under the belt! I've mentioned before how high-intensity interval training has been shown to increase the clearance of damaged mitochondria (mitophagy) and induce the production of healthy, new mitochondria in people, which is referred to as "mitochondrial biogenesis." I like to think of exercise as inducing a sort of rejuvenation process for my mitochondria: replacing old dysfunctional mitochondria with healthy young mitochondria! This has many implications for healthy aging since mitochondria are the energy source for most of the cells in our body and mitochondrial dysfunction has also been shown to lead to age-related diseases. Age-related skin wrinkles and hair loss are not what most people think of as a disease, but they do occur as a function of age and are related to the aging process in general. As a proof of principle that mitochondria play a role in skin aging and hair loss, researchers were able to reverse age-related skin wrinkles and hair loss by turning off a gene responsible for mitochondrial dysfunction in mice... thereby keeping mitochondria healthy and young. Perhaps unsurprisingly, exercise has also been shown to improve skin aging at the level of mitochondria. Not only does it get rid of damaged old mitochondria and replace them with healthy new mitochondria, it also increases IL-15, which improves the function of the mitochondria found in the skin! #aging #skin #hair #mitochondria #biology #science #fitness #beauty Exercise skin aging study: Mitochondrial function in skin and hair aging study:

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Engagement: 10 (Most Responsive)
Total audience: 693K
Instagram: 298K
Facebook: 68K
Twitter: 165K
YouTube: 161K


Engagement: 9 (Most Responsive)
Total audience: 688K
Facebook: 6K
Twitter: 682K

13. Kid Fury, COMEDIAN:


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Engagement: 10 (Most Responsive)
Total audience: 476K
Instagram: 153K
Facebook: 11K
Twitter: 189K
YouTube: 124K