These Folks Know What the Best Part of Their Summer Movie Experience Is

There’s probably nothing as evocative of the movie theater experience than the smell of buttery popcorn and the refreshing sound of the soda fountain.  

Kayla Maisonet, Justin Roberts, Lizzy Greene and William Valdes sure know so as the influencers featured in a series of posts around the summer movie theater experience.

“Don’t miss out and grab THE perfect combo,” Greene captioned a funny video of her and her dinosaur-headed friend.

Roberts and his friends showed his excitement as well via a sponsored Facebook video. We agree with him that nothing is better than soda and popcorn.

Meanwhile, Maisonet and her girlfriend, the self-professed “best combo,” got even better as shown in her Instagram video where the girls go to the movie theater and get a hold of their favorite snacks.

Last but not least, Valdes provided five tips to survive a movie date.

Enjoy the movie, guys!

Header image credit: Krists Luhaers