These Influencers Have a Message for You When It Comes to Texting & Driving

It’s 2018, shouldn’t it be evident that we shouldn’t be on our phones while driving?

Unfortunately, that’s not the case for many. That’s why influencers Kat McNamara, Keegan Allen, David Henrie and Ajiona Alexus partnered with a giant telecommunications company to produce a series of PSAs to raise awareness against texting & driving.

“It’s 2018 and we know so much more now, like not being on the phone while driving! We all know better so let’s be better,” McNamara captioned her Instagram video.

Meanwhile, Allen used humor to get his message across by posting a video that showed a photo of him as a kid. “Hey! You! It's 2018. Why don't you start acting like it and put your phone down when you're driving! We know better now. Don't be THAT person,” he wrote, referring to his “embarrassing” outfit as a kid.

Henrie was another influencer who participated in the campaign, by uploading a video of himself telling his fans, “I know we’re all addicted to our phones but.. It’s 2018. Time to start acting like it. Stop driving while distracted and put your smartphone down when you get behind the wheel.”

Last but not least, Alexus joined the PSAs with an Instagram video of her own. “Don't text & drive kids. !!Have you guys been keepin’ up with this hot new trend called ‘don’t drive while distracted’? It’s 2018 guys – so let’s act like it and put down the phone before driving!”