Influencers Share Premium Branded Content Revealing the Secret to Be on Top of Their Game

With summertime in full swing, there’s nothing to stop these influencers from enjoying their activities to the fullest.

Professional rock climber Sierra Coyle, chef Graham Elliot and legendary American goalkeeper Tim Howard partnered with a favorite brand of pain relievers to create premium pieces of sponsored video distributed via Instagram to their fans. 

“I push myself beyond my limits. After a long week of training and sore muscles, now I get relief,” Coyle captioned a branded video that shows her doing what she does best without having to worry about aches and pains affecting her performance and fun.

Meanwhile, Elliot demonstrated that running your restaurant could be as physically demanding as rock climbing or playing soccer. “Cooking is something that’s very physical, especially when you’re doing it 12 hours a day,” he captioned his sponsored video. 

Last but not least, Howard joined in the fun with his own branded video, where he shows how the product helps him overcome some of the challenges (pains) of being a professional athlete. “I can 100% give my all during a game and not have to worry about any aches and pains,” he wrote.