Influence Marketing Will Power the Future of Television as It Goes Beyond Social

Yes, influencer marketing is here to stay. But, as creators and brands quickly professionalize the creation and distribution of highly engaging pieces of premium content across platforms, what’s influencer marketing’s next frontier? At WHOSAY, we think one of the answers—aside from experiential is—linear television.

The topic will be explored by WHOSAY Co-Founder & EVP, Talent Harvey Schwartz during The TV of Tomorrow conference on June 13 in San Francisco California. Schwartz will join Zach Blume, Managing Partner, Portal A, Darnell Brisco, VP of Accounts--Social, Fullscreen and Dylan Collins, CEO, SuperAwesome. The panel, Influencer Marketing in Social Video, is moderated by Jon Giegengack, Principal, Hub Entertainment Research.

“When you match the right creator and make amazing branded content you should remove the guard rails and support distribution across all lanes, said Schwartz. “Not just social but linear TV, OTT, and even outdoor to enhance your media strategy.”

Harvey Schwartz 

Harvey Schwartz 

The panel will also discuss the impact that influence marketing could have on the future of television and advertising in general. Other topics include the ever-changing social media algorithms and their impact on the industry as well as the legal side of this burgeoning form of marketing—including FTC compliance.

In addition, the session will focus on the increasingly critical topic of brand safety in influence marketing campaigns with Schwartz and his fellow panelists highlighting the importance of casting the right and most professional and committed creator and WHOSAY’s Statement of Authenticity, where the firm asks potential influencers to state they don’t engage in followers and other types of social media fraud.  

Lastly, the marketing professionals will address measurement and performance, another big elephant in the digital marketing room. Expect them to delve into the latest technologies, services and metrics are available to match brands with influencers—and to enable brands to judge the effectiveness of their campaigns.

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Header image credit: Sam Bloom