Influencers Share Secret to Perfect Summer Skin on Intimate Branded Posts

As the hot weather finally rolls in, we gotta make sure we have the right wardrobe and the right skincare routine.

Ask beauty influencers MiniMarley, Jenn Im, Sivan Ayla, Whitney Port, Racquel Natasha and Sydney Leroux, who partnered with a renown skincare brand to produce a series of sponsored photos and videos around switching gears as your skin faces the effects of extreme weather.

One by one, the creators vouched for the treatment’s effectivity and versatility by incorporating the skincare routine to different summer activities.

“As a momtrepreneur, I need a simple skincare routine that gives me real results [...] I'm excited to get a more moisturized glow just in time for summer,” wrote MiniMarley:  

“I just got back from a crazy weekend at a festival in the sun & desert and my skin needs some major hydration,” captioned Clothes Encounters.  

“This summer, I'm going to be traveling to Italy and Prague for a best friend's wedding. To prep my skin for all the parties and all the photos, I'm going to be taking,” Whitney Eve Port said on her posts.  

Photo header credit: Sarah Gray