Promoting Inclusion in All Media with WHOSAY and the Bentonville Film Festival 2018

WHOSAY is thrilled to be part of the 2018 Bentonville Film Festival (BFF) by being the presenting sponsor of the first annual Next Gen Business Leaders Summit. WHOSAY has a history of supporting the inclusion of more diverse voices and stories in media and advertising to create a win-win for advertisers and influencers.

Co-Founded by Academy Award-winning actress Geena Davis, BFF’s goal is “to influence mainstream media to immediately increase diversity in the content that is produced and distributed, because if they can see it, they can be it.”

“At WHOSAY we have a commitment to increasing the inclusivity in advertising across all the forms of media we create,” said Paul Kontonis, CMO of WHOSAY. “We firmly believe that promoting diverse voices is critical to the growth of our industry.”

This year, WHOSAY is proud to co-sponsor BFF’s Next Gen Business Leaders Summit, whose overall theme is “Images Matter”. WHOSAY VP, Creative, Jenna Sereni, will interview A Quiet Place star Millicent Simmonds on stage during the BFF Next Gen Business Leaders Summit.

“Millicent truly embodies what BFF is all about. At only 15 years old, she is already such a strong talent with a voice—and an amazing role model for young girls and deaf actors," said Sereni. "She reminds us to have an open mind with our creativity and casting decisions, that there are so many brilliantly talented people in this world who are unique and add value to a story in ways you may not think of.”

Joining Millicent and Jenna at BFF Next Gen Business Leaders Summit will be Lisa Borders, President, WNBA, Naz Amarchi Cuevas, Head of Licensing, SYBO Games, Berta de Pablo Barbier, President, Mars Wigley and Steuart Walton, Philanthropist among others. The panel will be moderated by Al Dominguez, Senior Vice President GMM Snacks, Beverages, Candy & Impulse at Walmart.

BFF’s mission goes beyond the film festival, as it is a year-long initiative that supports the achievements of diverse storytellers. The event also connects these storytellers with entertainment industry leaders who can help accelerate the production and distribution of inclusive content.

This includes content creators, talent, influencers, advertisers and content distributors. That’s why WHOSAY, a Viacom company, is happy to support this initiative that’ll result real in media that accurately reflects the gender balance and diversity of our country. As BFF says, the goal is “to create a seismic change in how we media inspires young minds to do great things.”